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SkylarkCrypt is a simple encryption / decryption program especially useful for editing securely encrypted text files. Free for personal use.

Right click on this link (and choose "Save link as...") to save the program to your hard drive.

SkylarkCrypt.exe beta version 0.91 for Windows Desktop (Size 5.1MB)

File hash for this download is: 0x3fd811a66f2b6bb910eb0ea3ea3fd57bd57b29ad897bab83418b8ab73bb275bb

Since this is a new program, it may be flagged as unsafe by your antivirus software. If so, select 'View Details' and 'Trust' in your security options.

This program (as with all Skylark software) does not need to be installed, so it can be simply copied to a memory stick and run from there.
For added security, run the program while disconnected from all networks and from the Internet.

SkylarkCrypt does not use the registry, instead it creates a simple preferences file in the same folder in which it was run.
An encrypted version of your Salt is saved in the preferences file, but your password is never saved, so make sure to remember your password.
You should save a copy of your Salt preferably in an offline memory stick.

SkylarkCrypt uses AES (CFB) 128 bit encryption (re Vincent Rijmen and Joan Daemen, via Apache License 2.0, see with salted and hashed passwords with an optional user specific 32 character salt value. It can encrypt and decrypt any file, but is specifically useful to edit and save secure text in an encypted text file.
It also contains some useful utilities such as generating a hash of a file or password, creating 81 tryte IOTA keys, etc.

Recent changes:
Beta version 0.91 improves prompts to save edited text when closing, and adds more 'How To' help text.

SkylarkCrypt will keep you informed about the strength of your passwords, including warning against commonly used text strings.
SkylarkCrypt is free for personal use, but we ask businesses and invite you to donate if you find it useful and would like to see improvements and updates.

Litecoin: LfkRAdC9rQEcvYzAjRHapQGEgmUNdEbGqv
Ethereum: 0x87055f1e488190b2acbe212d4c604346a9b398fb
Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash: 1CXW9cn7wmDbaMDznYcxa2QNpPAGpVutuE
Or via Paypal at:
Recommended donation/cost is 0.02 Litecoin, 0.01 Etherium, $5 for individual use or $10 for businesses but any support is sincerely appreciated.

Normal disclaimer: We do not warrant that this program works or will not fail or that the encryption will not eventually be cracked, or that it won't crash and lose your data, so please keep an offline backup of all your important data.

Most especially, do not forget your password and keep a copy of your salt value!

To open your encrypted files on a new computer you will need your password and to paste your original Salt value into the new PC.

SkylarkCrypt normally salts and hashes passwords for brute force safe encryption, but very strong passwords can be used directly if needed.

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