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Home Movies
What we do -
We create a custom (one-off) DVD-Video from your home movie. This DVD will play in your DVD player or on a personal computer equipped with a DVD drive. We can usually create your DVD in under one week, which means with shipping you can have your DVD(s) back in a week and a half or less.

What you need -
You simply need to send us your home movie on VHS tape, S-VHS, VHS-C, etc. We will return your tape and the newly created DVD to you.
We can handle most video tape formats. If your movies are on an older film format such as Super-8 or 16mm, we can handle those too.
The video must be one you shot yourself or have copyright for. i.e. We cannot make illegal copies of pre-recorded movies. ( For DVD versions of your favorite pre-recorded movies we recommend DVD Express. )

Extras -
If you want, you can supply images for the DVD's main menu, disc surface, and front cover.
If you have scenes you do not want to preserve for all time, you can also specify scenes to exclude from the final DVD.
You can also tell us where you want chapters to begin.

Shipping -
You can send the tape to us via postal service, UPS, FedEx or AirBorne Express. Be sure to pack it safely. If you need an appropriately sized box, you can visit our SUPPLIES page to order them.
We will return your tape and the finished DVD using the shipping method you specify.

Slideshows -
We also make slideshow DVDs and/or CDs from your photographs.
You can supply your photographs as prints, negatives, slides, on computer disc (ZIP disc, Jazz drive, SCSI or IDE harddrive), or uploaded to our website.

Copyright and Confidentiality -
You will retain the copyright to any of your material you send to us for processing, and we will not retain any copies of your material after we have returned it to you.
If your material contains confidential information, it will remain confidential, and will not be shown or provided to any 3rd party outside of our processing staff. As your tape is transferred to DVD, it is normally only seen by one or two of our staff as they ensure its quality.
If you have material that you did not take yourself, fill out one of our copyright release forms and send it in with your order - see

Content -
You should ensure that the material you send us is reasonably appropriate for viewing. i.e. You should not send us explicit material or content that breaks laws of the Unites States of America.

Prices -
DVD from VHS or S-VHS (60 minutes) $49.00
- extra length $24.00 / 30 minutes
DVD from DV, 8mm, or other video tape $49.00
DVD from Super-8, 16mm or other film $84.00 / DVD (up to 7 reels or 450 ft)
DVD from photo negatives, slides, prints, or disk $49.00
CD from photo negatives, slides, prints, or disk $49.00
Additional DVD copies $25.00

Special Orders -
Email us at for special orders not listed here - such as data DVDs from hard-drives, uncommon film or video formats, volume pricing, or special needs.

Custom Made Home DVD
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