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DVDs for Businesses What we do -
Skylark can take all of the company data you have on traditional (that is - paper documents, photographs, video tape, or microfilm) or computer based systems and create an indexed, searchable memory stick or DVD. DVD makes this process so effective because we are able to store both the text form and copyable photographic form of your documents on disc. This allows you to print a photocopy of your documents right from the disc at any time to satisfy IRS or legal requirements. You can also request additional copies of your business DVD for off-site storage and disaster recovery.

We scan your photos and documents with sufficient detail to match the original; creating a true 'Digital Negative'.

What you need -
All you need to do is to provide us with your company records while they are being scanned and indicate the default order you want them put onto disc. All records will be returned to you with the final DVD(s). Our company uses the latest OCR technology to create accurate, searchable, formatted text from your documents. You can use this to reprint documents, paste into new computer documents, or for your Internet or Intranet website.
Video, photos, and text can all be stored on the one DVD.

Your company will need a computer with a DVD drive to search and access the DVD(s) and a medium-to-high resolution (600 DPI) printer to print photocopied documents. If you do not currently have a DVD drive we can help you install one.

The business advantages -
Here is a short list of benefits this will provide to your company:
Competitiveness - The time you save finding and accessing company data will give you a distinct advantage over all others.
Security - By keeping an additional copy of your company data offsite (at your bank's safety deposit box) you are protected against the catastophic loss of your central office data.
Cost savings - Offsite storage of paper documents is expensive, and worse, you risk the loss of invaluable company data. With copies on DVD you reduce storage costs while keeping all your company data at hand.
Legal Requirements - The IRS requires that documentary evidence of expenditures be kept for seven years. Scanning originals to DVD ensures that your company meets these and other legal requirements.
Efficiency - Having your records on DVD empowers you to make full use of every piece of company data. You can, for example, search for and open all documents that refer to a particular client in seconds. Your business will run more smoothly and your employees will have greater work satisfaction.

Copyright and confidentiality -
Your company retains copyright of all information we may scan or transfer for you.
All information is kept confidential and secure. No copies of your company data are retained by us after we return your materials and DVD(s) to you.

End Product and Pricing -
One DVD can hold 2,500 pages of documents with their searchable text and photocopyable image, so an average filing cabinet will span 1 to 3 DVDs.
Most small businesses can scan their entire current and historical company records onto a handful of DVDs.

Call for a quote for your company data. Typical prices are around $1 per page.

Quotes are free and without obligation.

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