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SFX-3D Product Details
SFX-3D™ is a plug-in suite for Adobe® Photoshop® and Premiere® empowering graphic artists to easily create a wide range of photo-realistic 3D effects.

Quality and Speed
SFX-3D equals or exceeds the quality of the best 'ray-tracing' 3D rendering technology but with lightning speed. Changes to lighting and material types, for example, can be made interactively with immediate results. You can expect to render 1024x768 sized images on a Pentium 4 or Apple G5 in fractions of a second.
SFX-3D achieves its quality by simulating real world effects like surface tension, reflection and refraction angles, and translucency. Lighting and illumination is performed with full floating point (32-bit per channel) accuracy.

Users can add and control an unlimited number and type of lights. Lighting arrangements can be matched to real world studio setups and saved, loaded or shared with others. Lights are interactively adjusted and previewed in a virtual sky 'dome'. (Advanced users can also directly edit FX and lighting files to specify exacting and complex arrangements.)

Simply Create 3D Surfaces
With SFX-3D users can create 3-dimensional shapes from Photoshop selections with a wide range of profile forms to look like liquid or facetted glass for example, or interactively draw 3D shapes with a range of built in tools. Tiling patterns and textures can be added to 3D surfaces.

A range of material types can be applied to 3D shapes - woods, glass, metals, cloths, etc., plus users can create their own new and unique materials. Transparent materials are rendered with true volumetric depth, so tinted glass or mist, for example, appears more opaque where it is thickest.

3D Effects
SFX-3D also includes 3D effects that would normally be too complex to render traditionally such as netting, bubbles, fractal snowflakes, fur, rain, and more. Moving effects such as ripples and rain move naturally with time; for example, larger raindrops will fall faster and drops form irregular shapes as they move though the air.

Lighting Effects
The suite also includes lighting effects that simulate real world atmospherics. Auras and caustics light rays take into account depths to surface and distance from edges.

2D Effects
There is also a set of 2D effects that includes a more powerful color correction and photometric bank and various geometric filters. Kaleidoscope, for example, can handle any number of mirrors and can even reflect the 3D geometry itself. So, for example, a user could create a honeycomb by drawing just a single hexagon.

Feature List
Photo Corrections
Advanced Balance; Anti-Flare; Anti-Moiré; Brightness-Contrast-Gamma; Clean Edges; Gaussian Smooth; Gaussian Sharpen; Remove Noise; Tint
3d Effects
3d Net - Lines, Triangles, Square, Hexagonal, Octagonal, Circular
3d Profile - Liquid, Angled, Beaded, Carved, Etched, Facetted, Grainy, Grill, Recessed, Ridged, Round, Rough, S Profile, S Reversed;
Bubbles; Droplets; Folds; Height Map; Rain; Ripple; Snowflake;
3d Textures
3d Tile - Lines, Triangles, Squares, Hexagons, Octagons, Circles;
Brushed Surface; Rough Surface;
Chroma Key; Drop Shadow; Feather Edges - Circle, Ellipse, Rounded Rectangle, Sharp Rectangle;
Annular Expansion; Aspherical Distortion; Kaleidoscope; Perspective;
Polar Distortion; Seamless Tile; Super Sample
Lighting Effects
Aura; Corona; Directional Glow; Light Rays - Sunlight, Reverse Streak; Lightning;
Analyze - Measure Noise, Hue, Saturation, Reverse Bits, Swap Bytes;
Video Enhancements
De-Interlace; Pad to Aspect;
Load and Save effect settings;

Mist; Smoke;
Gauze; Linen; Satin; Silk;
Fur; Light Fur; Hair - short;
Clear Glass; Smoked Glass; Blue Glass; Etched;
Honey; Milk; Water;
Chrome; Gold; Silver; Brass;
Hard Plastic; Soft Plastic;
Granite; Gray Granite; Sandstone; Blue Granite;
Cherry; Oak; Maple; Hickory; Frosted Oak;
Load and Save user defined materials;

Individual Lights - adjustable by brightness, diffuse, color;
Ambient light - color, intensity, and proximity.
Load and Save custom lights;

Magnify (and de-magnify); Pan;
Shapes Tool - Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon,
Arrow, Button, Diamond, Heart, Star;
Freehand Tool; Polygon; Brush; Sphere; Chisel; Liquid;
Texture Tool - Rough, Etched, Brushed, Weaved;

Interface Features:
Resizable Preview - automatic or user initiated updates,
interpolated or nearest neighbor display;
Popup help; Tips; Online Help;

Image Format Support:
Full 16-bit per channel, RGB + Alpha (transparency) support; unlimited resolution;
SFX-3D achieves superb rendering quality using 32-bit per channel (128 bit per pixel) accuracy.
Photoshop CS2's 32-bit per channel HDR mode is fully supported.

SFX-3D Light Rays example

Of course, all the images on this website, including the buttons, were created with SFX-3D.

SFX-3D Ripples example

SFX-3D Snowflakes example

SFX-3D Balance example

SFX-3D Rain example

SFX-3D Fur example

SFX-3D Metal example

SFX-3D Lightning example
SFX-3D creates unmatched 3D Effects and Titles on still images and video using our Photo-realistic 3D rendering technology. Superb quality, unsurpassed flexibility - This is not your grandmother's 3D technology. SFX-3D is available by direct sale - call 1 (406) 942-0099.

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