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DVDs for Businesses What we do -
Skylark can scan your family photos, genealogy, and family history to memory stick, CD, or DVD.
We scan your photos and documents with detail that matches the original; creating a true 'Digital Negative'.

We can OCR (Optical Character Recognition, that is, convert to text) your written documents so that they can be searched and browsed just like the text you are reading now.

Documents transferred to CD can be viewed with a personal computer. If we transfer them to a DVD for you, you can read them using a PC with a DVD drive or view them on your DVD player.
Records stored this way last a very long time (at least 100 years), and can be easily copied for safe storage or to give to your family members.

What you need -
All you need to do is send us your family records while they are being scanned and indicate the order you want them put onto disc, the title, and perhaps a photo for the cover. We will safely return your records with the final CD(s) or DVD(s).
See the 'Shipping' button at the left for help with sending us your records.

How much does it cost? -
We scan and arrange full page documents for about $1 per page, with a minimum order of $150. To get an exact price, email us with your details and we can give you a free quote without any obligation.

Copyright and confidentiality -
You retain copyright to all the information we may scan or transfer for you, and we keep all information confidential and secure. No copies of your data are retained by us after we return your materials and disc(s) to you.

How much can one CD or DVD hold? -
One DVD can hold 2,500 pages of documents with their searchable text and photocopyable image, so an average filing cabinet will span 1 to 3 DVDs.
One CD holds about 500 pages with images.
Most large families can scan their entire family histories onto a handful of CDs or just a single DVD.

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