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[1] General DVD Information

[1.1] How much video can I fit on one DVD?
One custom made DVD will hold about 90 minutes of high quality video.

[1.2] How many photographs will fit on one DVD?
One DVD will hold about 500 ultra-high resolution color photographs with a quality equivalent to professional 35mm film originals.

[1.3] How many documents will fit on one DVD?
One DVD will hold about 2,500 pages scanned and stored as a photocopy quality image and searchable text.

[1.4] How long will my DVDs last?
Skylark Technology puts your videos and data onto high quality DVD-R discs. Testing has projected that these discs will last 50 to 250 years. They will last longer if stored well and shorter if left in direct sunshine or exposed to abrasive dust. So they should outlast your lifetime.
We expect that DVD will be replaced by another more advanced storage format (probably holographic optic-crystal) long before your DVDs deteriate. If you are creating DVDs for archival storage, you should simply transfer their contents to the new storage medium when it becomes a standard.
The great thing about digital storage on DVD is that this can be done without any generational loss of data.

The DVD-R your video or company data is stored on will itself be around in 75 years - probably longer, but the information stored on DVD can effectively last forever because it can be transferred digitally without any data loss. The same cannot be said for video tape or film. If holographic storage now being developed by companies such as Optostore or Lucent eventually replaces DVD, your video and data can be transferred to that medium when available.

[1.6] Where can I find more DVD information?
The most extensive and up-to-date source of DVD information is a FAQ maintained by Jim Taylor at

[2] DVDs from Home Movies

[2.1] Which DVD Video players will play my custom DVD?
Our custom DVD-R video disks will play on about 70% of DVD player models that have been sold. Almost all new DVD players (such as Sony's new DVP-NS300) will play DVD-R discs whereas most of the problem players were older models (such as Toshiba's SD-3001). We recommend that if you have an older player that does not read DVD-R discs, you should upgrade to one of the newer models.
An excellent DVD Video player that will play your custom DVD which we can thoroughly recommend is the Toshiba SD5700 DVD Player available at DVD Express.

[2.2] Where is the best place to go to upgrade my existing video collection to DVD?
We have found that the DVD Express online store provides the best service and selection of pre-recorded DVDs.

[2.3] How long does it take?
We can usually create your custom DVD in under one week. With shipping you should have your order back in about a week and a half.

[3] Business Scanning to DVD

[3.1] What is the difference between the searchable text and photocopy version of each scanned document?
When a document is scanned, first an image of the page is stored, and second the text on the page is 'read' by the computer - a process called OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The text version is used when the document is searched or edited. You can paste the text into Microsoft Word. The scanned image of the page is needed as an original for IRS or legal use. When it is printed, it will look just like the original, with ink marks, handwriting, and textures.
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[3.2] Where can I get DVD cleaning and storage supplies?
We have found the best service and selection of DVD supplies and accessories at DVD Express Players / Accessories .

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