Skylark Technology
Copyright Release Agreement

I _______________________ am submitting to Skylark Technology (Skylark DVD)
certain video, photographs, images, slides and/or artwork to be copied, enlarged
or otherwise reproduced.

I declare that I, or the company that I represent, am the rightful owner of the
copyright for such material(s), or that I have secured permission from the holder
of the copyright to make a copy or reproductions of such material(s), or I have
attempted to obtain permission and was unable to locate the photographer.
I authorize Skylark Technology and/or its employees or agents to copy or reproduce
the material(s) on my behalf.

I agree to assume all responsibility relating to my right to reproduce the photograph(s)
or image(s).

I have read the above agreement and understand it.

Dated: ______________________

Customer's signature: ______________________________

Customer's address: _______________________________



Skylark Technology Representative: