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Copyright -
It is your responsibility to make sure you have the rights to transfer to digital media. Please do not send us any material that you cannot legally copy.

Payment -
You are paying us for our time - just as you would pay a plummer to unblock your pipes. If the plummer works for two hours but still cannot fix the pipes, you still must pay him for his time. Similarly, we will do our best to transfer your media, but in the end, you still need to pay us for our time. And just like the plummer, you should pay when he is done - You cannot say that you won't use the bathroom for two weeks so you'll pay later.

Our standard prices are for a standard level of service. But you may require a higher level of service, for which we charge extra: For example, our standard price for an hour transferred to DVD is $50, but we charge $250 for a memorial DVD that may only be 30 minutes long. Why the difference? Because we put many more hours of work into the memorial. Remember that it is the service that you are paying for, not just the disc.

Non-destructability -
We do our best to protect and preserve your records - in fact, that is our purpose, and most of the time we can do that without harming your originals. Sometimes, however, tapes delaminate, films break, DVDs react, hard drives wear out - so please do not send us any material that you cannot afford to lose. Altering your originals happens rarely, but it does happen sometimes. Sometimes one play is all they will last.
How long can I expect my originals to last?
8mm Film - after 30 years the film becomes brittle and can break as we transfer it.
Videotape - after 20 years the magnetic film can delaminate.
DVDs (DVD+Rs) from a DVD-recorder or DVD camera - after 10 years the chemical-dye becomes unstable and playing them can start a reaction that will leave them unplayable.
Flash memory - after 20 years the electronic charge can dissipate and they may only read briefly.
Again, we do our best to transfer your material safely, but please do not send us material that you cannot afford to lose.
If you cannot afford to lose your originals we recommend instead that you buy a high end PC workstation, video capture and editing hardware and software, and process them at your own location.

Returns -
Remember, that you pay for the service, not just the disc. So returning your discs does not undo the service hours we have spent. We do our very best to make happy and satisfied customers, and more than 99% of the time that works out very well. If you are sill not satisfied we will do our best to fix the problem, but you should still pay us for our services.

Privacy -
Your privacy is important to us, so we will never send unsolicited e-mail and we won't sell or provide e-mail addresses to any other company. We think spam destroys the trust and productivity that Internet users should be able to expect. Our customer information is collected using encryption so that your personal information remains safe and protected.

Security -
All online transactions on our website are processed with encryption protection and security software. We will not make your personal information available to any other company.

Confidentiality -
We will always respect your confidentiality. Any information you send Skylark Technology for scanning, preparation, or transfer to digital form will remain secure and confidental at all times. We maintain a backup system to avoid any interruption to your work, but we generally don't keep backups for a long time unless you ask us to. We do not share your data with anyone else, in fact, if you want your data shared with another customer, please notify us in writing to allow us to do that.

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