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Blu-ray Logo For Hi-Definition we Recommend Blu-ray Disc
Why Blu-ray?
Blu-ray Disc is the perfect solution for the preservation of High Definition video. Blu-ray Discs store 50GB of data and Blu-ray video is recorded in 1920x1080p resolution (full high definition = HD). Well encoded Blu-ray video quality is considered by most experts to be closest to the original masters. Blu-ray video has a high peak data rate allowing for excellent visual detail during difficult - high-motion scenes.

Blu-ray also has broad industry support and is the optical media of the future. Blu-ray is rapidly becoming the new standard for home theater video and will be seen increasingly on desktop and notebook computers, HD camcorders, video kiosks, media servers and more.

Blu-ray will replace DVD as the format of choice for home movie libraries.

Contact us to convert your home movies, films and photographs to Hi-Definition Blu-ray Disc.
Software Our digital special effects software is designed to produce best results on Hi-Definition video. Our effects are based on physical simulations of real world phenomena and are designed to look and behave like the real world.

SFX-3D - photo realistic 3-dimensional materials rendering, illumination and special effects. (Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Premiere on Windows and Macintosh). Photo-real natural effects such as hair, rain, silk and cloth, water, glass, wood, sunlight and much more.
SkyView for image and video enhancements, presentations, and printing - refined by real-world needs encountered by our customers.
Our software is guaranteed bug-free .. find a bug and we will update your software with the fix for free. And we welcome your suggestions for improvements.
3D Examples

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