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Skylark Technology creates technology inspired by human vision - object and feature recognition, image analysis, video enhancement, 3D extraction and photo-realistic rendering.

Based in Montana with a quality of life for company members that cannot be matched - and accelerating in information and technology directions at a break-neck speed. Our wholly original intellectual property includes:

Image object recognition and classification suitable for glyph (ancient language) and handwriting recognition (ICR).
Feature recognition and comparison suitable for remote reconnaissance applications and satellite image analysis.
3D extraction from parallax or temporally displaced imagery appropriate for spatial analysis and re-illumination.
Advanced digital image enhancement applied to photo and video restoration.
Photo realistic 3D & 3D+T(ime) rendering of materials and digital special effects.
Services Leveraging our technology to provide superior services at a significantly lower cost. We provide document scanning, OCR, and indexing in a business-to-business setting. Family and historical film conversion to DVD (or HD Video) with exceptional quality and flexibility. Photo and video restoration and manipulation with unparalleled results.

Document OCR (ICR) with results that are accurate and usable.
Photo and video restoration.
Custom DVD and multi-media content creation.
Image and video analysis for law enforcement and/or remote reconnaissance .
We deliver both custom and off-the-shelf software that encapsulates the power of our technology. Most importantly, our software empowers the user and yet retains simplicity and ease-of-use.

SkyView for image and video enhancements, presentations, and printing - refined by real-world needs encountered by our customers.
ScanCenter Index for scanned document display and search - exceptional power with surprising simplicity.
SFX-3D - photo realistic 3-dimensional materials rendering, illumination and special effects.

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