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DVD Compatibility
The type of DVD discs we put your video onto are DVD-R. They are a type of DVD that can be written to once, and work on most DVD-Video players. These DVDs can hold 4.7GB of data and we create them region free, so they will play anywhere in the world.
Other types of DVD recordable media are DVD-RAM (which only a few players will play), DVD-RW (which seems to have nearly the same compatibility as DVD-R), and DVD+RW (too new to say).

In brief:
DVD-R video discs play on almost all new players and on 75% of players made before 1999.

The short version:
1st generation DVD Players: 75% will play 4.7GB DVD-R.
2nd generation DVD Players: 95% will play 4.7GB DVD-R.
3rd generation DVD Players (sold after November 1999): All will play DVD-R.

'4th generation' Players (progressive scan, component, multi-read): All will play all DVD-R.

Side Note! There have recently (in 2003 & 2004) been some ultra-cheap models from Chinese manufacturers that not only have problems with DVD-R's but also freeze trying to play any high bit-rate DVD's. If you are thinking of buying one of these, we suggest bringing a high bit rate DVD with you to the store and try it out first.
If you need an example high bit rate DVD-R, call us for a sample.

The long version:
(X = an incompatibility problem, blank = all OK)
Model DVD-R 4.7GB [coming] Model DVD-R 4.7GB [coming]
Aiwa XDD370 X X Pioneer PDVLC10    
Aiwa XDDV290     Proscan P8610    
Apex AD500 X X Proscan P8680    
Apex AD600 X   Raite RDP715    
Apex AD660     RCA 500    
Apex AD703     RCA RC5200    
Audiologic DVD-101     RCA RC5210    
Denon DVD1000     RCA RC5215    
Denon DVD1500 X X RCA RC5220    
Denon DVD3000     RCA RC5910 X X
Denon DVD3300     Sampo DVE520 X X
Denon DVM3700     Samsung DVD511    
Emerson DVD2000     Samsung DVD611    
GE 1105     Samsung DVD739 X X
Go! Video DVR5000 X X Samsung DVD839 X X
Go! Video DVS3000 X X Samsung DVDC600 X X
Harmon Kardon DVD-5     Samsung DVD709 X X
Harmon Kardon DVD-50     Sharp DV710    
Hitachi DVP305     Sharp DV750    
Hitachi DVP315     Sharp DVL70    
Hitachi DVP505     SMC DVD330    
Hitachi GD2500     Sony DAVS300    
Hitachi GD3000 X X Sony DVPF5    
Hitachi GD5000 X X Sony DVPFX1    
Hitachi GVD305 X   Sony DVP600    
JVC XV501 X X Sony DVP660    
JVC XV511     Sony DVP670    
JVC XV523 X   Sony DVP680    
JVC XVD701 X X Sony DVP715    
JVC XV723 X X Sony DVPC600    
JVC XV1000     Sony DVPC650    
JVC XVD55     Sony DVPC660    
JVC XVM567     Sony DVPC670    
Kenwood DV402 X X Sony DVPCX850    
Kenwood DV403 X X Sony DVPCX860    
Kenwood DV4050     Sony DVPCX870    
KLH DVD1000 X X Sony DVP-NS300    
Konka KD1800     Sony DVPS300    
Magnavox DVD711/171     Sony DVPS330    
Matsushita LFD111 (DVD-RAM)   Sony DVPS345    
Memorex MVD2026 X X Sony DVPS350    
Minato DVDG1     Sony DVPS360    
Mitsubishi DD2000 X X Sony DVPS500    
Mitsubishi DD3000 X X Sony DVPS520    
Mitsubishi DD4001 X X Sony DVPS530    
Mitsubishi DD6000     Sony DVPS550    
Onkyo DVC-601     Sony DVPS560    
Oritron DVD100     Sony DVPS570    
Oritron DVD200     Sony DVPS600    
Oritron DVD600     Sony DVP660    
Panasonic CT27DC50     Sony DVPS3000 X X
Panasonic DVDCV50     Sony DVPS7000 X  
Panasonic DVDA10     Sony DVPS7700    
Panasonic DVDA100     Sony DVPS9000    
Panasonic DVDA110 X X Sony DVRS560    
Panasonic DVDA120 X X Sony PVDV30 X X
Panasonic DVDA300     Sony PlayStation 2    
Panasonic DVDA310     Sylvania DVL100 X X
Panasonic DVDA330     Sylvania DVL1000 X X
Panasonic DVDA360     Technics A10    
Panasonic DVDA7     Toshiba SD-1200    
Panasonic DVDK520     Toshiba SD-1300    
Panasonic DVDL10     Toshiba SD-1600    
Panasonic DVDL50     Toshiba SD-2006 X  
Panasonic DVDL110     Toshiba SD-2008    
Panasonic DVDRV20     Toshiba SD-2050    
Panasonic DVDRV30     Toshiba SD-2107    
Panasonic DVDRV31     Toshiba SD-2108    
Panasonic DVDRV55     Toshiba SD-2109 X X
Panasonic DVDT2000     Toshiba SD-2150    
Panasonic DVDX410     Toshiba SD-2200    
Panasonic PV-DF2700 X X Toshiba SD-2300    
Panasonic PV-DM2791     Toshiba SD-2700    
Panasonic PV-DM2799     Toshiba SD-3006 X  
Philips DVD170     Toshiba SD-3107 X X
Philips DVD400 X X Toshiba SD-3108    
Philips DVD405 X X Toshiba SD-3109 X X
Philips DVD701 X X Toshiba SD-3205    
Philips DVD711     Toshiba SD-4205    
Philips DVD751     Toshiba SD-5109 X X
Philips DVD825 X X Toshiba SD-5700    
Philips DVD850 X X Toshiba SD-6109 X X
Philips DVD950 X   Toshiba SD-6200    
Pioneer DV301     Toshiba SD-9000 X X
Pioneer DV333     Toshiba SD-9200    
Pioneer DV414     Toshiba SDC2402    
Pioneer DV434     Toshiba SDM1212    
Pioneer DV500     Toshiba SD-P1500    
Pioneer DV505     Tredex TX8303    
Pioneer DV525     X-Wave B171 X X
Pioneer DV606     Yamaha DVDC900 X X
Pioneer DV939     Yamaha DVDC996    
Pioneer DVC503     Yamaha DVDS700    
Pioneer DVD-V7100     Yamaha DVDS796    
Pioneer DVD-V7200     Zenith IQDVD2300 X X
Pioneer DVD-V7300     Zenith DVC2200    
Pioneer DVD-V7400     Zenith DVC2250    
Pioneer DVL700     Zenith DVC2515    
Pioneer DVL909          
Pioneer Elite DVF07          
Pioneer Elite05          
Pioneer K101          

If you have a player not listed here or see a different result than shown in this table, e-mail us at support@skylarkdvd.com

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